Career Change & Psychology

Switching jobs from one to another is now becoming a common trend. We frequently hear news from our neighborhood or relatives that X was doing the job in Y Company, now he is in Z Company or doing his own business. Past year’s  dogma of once you stick to a job you supposed to leave or resign it only after 30 to 40 years later or at the time of retirement. This trend is vanishing and there are many reasons behind that.

To choose career, stick to it, enjoy it, and do whatever you want to and suddenly one day change the direction of your career. These are the significantly present visual steps in a person’s career. Well, in India there are some orthodoxy ways to choose career such that a son of lawyer must become a lawyer, a business man’s son must carry responsibility of company on his shoulder and the one intellectual who always carve his name in top five children of class always get asked by friend and relatives if he is becoming “Doctor” or “Engineer”? When an individual performs well in competitive exams, he himself tries hard to find best suitable career option available to him. In the current scenario, the number of parents who help to choose their children’s career on basis of their interest, preferences, capacity and behavior are increasing. In a bid to accompany mentioned traits many aspirants are widely using aptitude test and career counseling. Significantly parents are showing more interest in helping their children to know about various career options available and ways to opt them. Interacting with a successful individual of particular career seems to be an added advantage for deciding better career prospective.

In spite of all these exercises, on occasions, you don’t like the career path you choose then only one option stood in front of you and that is to Change the Career. Many time undermining your own interests because of the pressure from parents or sometimes because of your own mistake leads to taking this devastating decision which ultimately results in chaos. Take the example of the one who has become doctor turn toward the business of share market or an engineer began his own travel firm to fulfill his dream of the circumnavigating the world with his own company.

The decision of career taken in a premature stage of academic life is certainly not perfect but only after reaching the stage of due maturity endow us the good sense of career choice. Whatever education we had acquired up to this stage one may think for rather directly going for a job or why not have some supplementary courses for extra advantages. For example after completing B.Com one might go Tally or film direction or film creation where first choice is related with degree and latter two are not. Sometimes business or jobs having too much stress creates aversion toward it. We get fed up with existing competition or working under others canopy may hurt our pride and we decide to begin our own venture and this too is a type of career change.

With the increasing age and maturity, our thoughts get more deepen and we become more introspective. There are some interesting personnel who sometimes entertain the thought that the journey of my life up to this point was for my personal development and now I have some responsibilities toward society and for the same reason, they relieve themselves from existing jobs. Those who were enjoying and fulfilling the need of their families for so many days instantly found rushing toward internal development. Leaving their regular career behind they strive to acquire more knowledge to give benefits to others especially those who are in their fifties show these signs.

Now a change in career is not always voluntary as some might start to find new jobs when they loose first or a house wife may look for the job due to financial problem and some needs job after retirement. Transfers, a sudden change in working profile or increase in responsibilities due to promotion are some example of an indirect career change and are not under our control. In this disturbing situation, the only way is to compromise and align ourselves with the situation.

While confronting career changes we pass through various psychological agitations even if that change is voluntary. One must prepare his mind for a career change in an anticipatory way and while actually going through change must strive to maintain positive mental condition for better results only then we can be capable of accepting changes. One must nurture good expectation from new career, carry positive feeling in mind and assert your mind that these changes are for good and accepting them we have to give our best then it goes easy for us to occupy a new place with the free mind. New responsibilities can be easily carried out if we give meaning to it with full confidence and sometimes to assimilate in the new environment we have to make some changes in ourselves. Consistency and dedication in endeavor help us to establish in a new career. Contrary to this if our point of view is negative then adjustment with the new job won’t be our cup of tea. Mind creates hesitation and unwillingness toward that particular career and it doesn’t accept changes. “I have made the grave mistake by changing career” this types of thoughts start to revolve around your mind and you regret your decision again and again.

What was your experience in the previous job, how established you were or your capacity to accept new responsibility and inspiration for work these entire things could be helpful in beginning a new career. Moreover, if you get supporters or say mentor at new job or business then it becomes easy to assimilate there. If your family is supportive and understand circumstances behind the career change then its added advantage.

In this world of a fraction, an attempt to accumulate wealth and materialistic possession like house, car and other things may ask for a quick buck so it leads to the search of that career which has the potential to provide money in minimum time period. We must understand that sometimes changes may decipher ourselves into lazy or the uninterested person and could kill enthusiasm as well. If you want to be inspired all the time about your job looks for what, lure you most. It might practically not possible to get what you exactly expect and sometimes need to try hand what you don’t like. You have to make an attempt to minimize strain on your mind with confidence that I’m doing what is in my welfare. It could blow a new spirit in you. Lastly to say that career doesn’t end with one but until the last breath if you are determined to have one.