Revolution In Online Education

A less than a decade ago to understand any subject presence of students in a classroom was compulsory because once you looses lessons from that particular professor or teacher it would go hard to understand same topic unless you have a friend with extraordinary intelligence as there was no repetition.

The days are gone where a student needs to depend on standard classroom education for better understanding and perspective. This is a digital age and everything is presumably transforming into digital form including Education. Modern India is witnessing a sudden leap of online education which is selectively different than distance education which mostly depends upon self study but in online education there is a real student and virtual teacher in form video tutorial with high quality educational academic contents.

The major problem which exists with Indian Education System is the delay in updating course syllabus. Most syllabuses seems to be outdated and in bid to compete in fractional changing world new syllabuses with updated content need to be introduced and that is conveniently easy in case of virtual education system rather than traditional classroom education.

It is presumed that Indian online education is turning around $3 billion. Many entrepreneur and universities are eager to go online with professional and skillful courses elaborated by finest expert of the subjects. India has 2nd largest internet user base and constantly increasing. English has become common education language to be taught in, so online educator has no need to worry about translating their course content in other regional languages.

Following are the five major driving forces which are responsible for rapid expansion of online education:

Convenience of time & place:

Regular face to face classroom education has time and location restriction. You have to go to particular location for specific period of time. This clause can completely vanished in case of online education as it gives flexibility of timing for 24x7x365 days. Student can work in their own flexible time framework without any barriers and that too at their own place. As there is no restriction of time and place student can learn being stressed free.

Cost Reliability:

Imagine how much money one has to spend to create a perfect institution in terms of infrastructure, management, educational material, manpower, faculties etc. face to face education scenario become expensive affair. But in case of online education what we need is few inexpensive PCs, internet connection, Learning Management System (LMS) and done. Maximum course content is available online most of which is in forms of E-journal and EBooks, lots of which are free or at minimum charges.

Updated Resources:

Traditional classroom education show lethargy in updating the syllabus as it has to be start from a board or university levels and up to the time it get updated modern syllabus goes one step ahead. This phenomenon can be avoided in online education as online educators keeps themselves well aware of changing industry trends and rejuvenate whole syllabus and course content accordingly.

Digital Literacy:

In a bid to be online learners we get acquainted with many digital terms and procedure which eventually helps us to be digitally literate and I has no alternative as everything from school to college and banks to government going digital. It convey us the deep perspective of using digital medium for convenience of day to day life like filling online forms, making reservation, banking transaction and other.

Enriching Experience:

Online education is very secular as there are no restrictions of caste, creed, race, gender, nationality etc. anyone can learn anything. It provides us a convincing and enriching experience which we may not get in classroom education in such a diversified way. Moreover you can revise the subject as many times as you want unless you master it. This also provide global opportunity to learn from astonishing faculties which might have been we only dreamed of. It also helps to create a versatile global approach which may unlock extensive career opportunities.

Along with these five driving forces there also exist some key limitation which could be eliminated in a future course of time. They are:

Access to Internet:

India comprising 1.25 billion populations has only 35% of active internet user base and most of which is situated in urban area. Internet speed revolution is still in nascent stages as network is loose in non-urban and rural India. Most places has internet with compromising speed which may make online education little hectic.

Access to techno peripherals:

Though online education is cost effective in comparison to traditional methods but some components are inevitable for online education such as a computer, smart phones or projectors etc. along with internet connection. If online education has to be given in bulk then we’ll need Management Learning System to maneuver the whole process.

Informative Exaggeration:

All the required help and course resources available online but in extra quantity teachers and student needs to be very vigilant while executing info or it may drag us in well of confusion if we failed to managed properly. Content may slightly differ from various resources according to place and viability. One needs to stick to content and course of one particular entity.

Although there are some distinctive limitation or say barriers in path of online education but it will expand its wing anyway. It is not going to stop. Its significance will override the limitation. What kind of change we were expecting in educational scenario with respect to its quality, content, etc can be excelled through virtual education system. Not only can this but we deciphered into more interesting visual treat which will be enjoyed by everyone who want to strengthen their skill by all manner. Virtual education is the future of education.


Paradigm Shift In Education

In present Indian educational system, which is third largest after China and USA, one question consistently popped out from everyone’s mind that whether the current educational scenario is compatible to fulfill the aspiration of students & parent and will it be capable of confronting an unknown future? What should be the purpose of education?  Just to have an exemplary job and earn a 7 figure salary gathering wealth upon it or it should be the novice way to impart knowledge and character to students in such a negative world so that they can be deciphered into a responsible citizen and spare their share in the development of the country. Every educational institution claiming to serve the required qualities needed to excel in their corresponding fields but the inefficiency of educational scenario is clearly visible. India is the country where some parents spends life saving and take loans putting their properties mortgaged, in spite of that not getting a standard quality education is a matter of shame.

The education our teachers are imparting is purely scheduled and syllabus based where teachers and students don’t get enough space for experimentation. They have to stick to what board or universities have told them to do. Both the entities i.e. teacher and student roam around under stress to finish the syllabus or curriculum in given time period. Every student is tirelessly running to acquire a Degree anyhow and jump into a neck to neck competition of getting a job. The education they are absorbing only telling them to go for higher percentage putting quality at stake. Only revolving around numbers they are forgetting that education is to show the path of success in life.

What is happening in current trend is just memorization of words and lines which are far away from understanding. Students are told to write the answer but not to understand the question asked and that’s where we are fundamentally wrong. If a teacher teaching in class and students doesn’t asks a counter question that reciprocate only two things either whole class understand everything or they understand nothing. Another aspect is, of reservation which is widening the gap between merit-based and reservation based education and ultimately damaging the quality of education.

Allowing uncontrolled mushrooming of private school, universities and colleges is not going to change this devastating situation. The time has come to redefine educational focus, purpose and viabilities for its effectiveness in the coming future and that is only possible through acquiring a sense of creativity and soundness of mind. In this process the two important factor i.e. Parent and State which are directly or indirectly connected, needs to be taken into consideration. The knowledge shouldn’t be a degradable commodity. It needs to be updated simultaneously with time only then education can be used to face challenges of time.

The scheduled educational program needs to be accompanied with creative skilled development program which seems to be the only way to acquired and update knowledge. The importance of training program shouldn’t be undermined. The profession of teacher is associated with low self-esteem such as if a person couldn’t make anything from another profession then teaching is a final destination. This mindset needs to change through helping in unleashing potential among people in teaching profession making them believe that they are doing an excellent job in the world and letting them know that teacher is a profession which makes another profession.

The time has come to look for new avenues for effective education with respective all, imparting new life skills. The unsatisfactory and absurd way of education need to revamp and make it more fun filled experience. We need to regard educational system which has the capability to execute the task and work with the potential to excel in the common effort of common people. What, how and why must strike every student brain initiating a thought process emphasizing to think deeper about every aspect not to just earn good CGPA but to understand thoroughly.

The utmost aim of education is to impart the way to live life by developing high rank of intelligence which can deal with reality and be ready for consequences. They need to teach a segregated conceptual thinking process which had leads many discoveries in past and think upon necessities and draw their way, a way how to think rather what to think.

Fly With Commerce

The Commerce is a significant branch of education which primarily deals in thrusting required skill, knowledge and inclination for the splendid handling of Industry, trade, and commerce. As already it is predominantly remarkable because it has a grip on tremendously growing economy and economic need of Indian societies. Beholding the history of almost 130 years since the commencement of commerce education began in 1886 to cater the financial need of country and shows huge elevation after post independent era.

As a significance of increasing global education, world economy and information the commerce is presumed as an important aspect from an education point of view. IT and Smartphone technology are pressurizing educational scenario to decipher according to the convenience of the time. The prominent developing dimension of the commerce & business education in the 21st century is the need for commerce school to use technology and embedded it as an integral part of course contents. The current economy demands the type of skills and knowledge that commerce courses offers today. The picture is changing very fast and we need to maintain pace with the changes, therefore, molding ourselves to the changing environment became an inevitable part of the curriculum.

It wasn’t a long time ago when the commerce education was synonymous with business education which has potential to arm the person with knowledge to affluently handle the country’s economy balancing trade, commerce, and industry. But by virtue of time and diversified needs of society and business houses, new maverick professions emerge to fulfill the economic needs. Let’s have a look at some of those professions which can be acquired with commerce education.

Chartered Accountant:

No matter how big or how small your business is one professional we can’t escape from to cater our business needs is Chartered Accountants. Their tasks involve around accounting, taxation, auditing, financial planning etc. There is tremendous demand from manufacturing and financial sector for CAs or they are free to start practice with their own flexible time and space. Moreover, government jobs too are available for qualified CAs. Students who did commerce in 12th show their first preference toward chartered Accountancy. You would astonish to know that Indian Chartered Accountancy holds great demands from Canada, Britain, Australia and some other prominent countries. Because of glittering International appeal and opportunities, it has becoming forefront career option among youngster. The institute of chartered Accountancy of India is a Gov. of India undertaking registered organization which has a monopoly of conducting varied commerce syllabus in India. The website of ICAI contents all required information about the course of chartered accountants.

Company Secretary:

The second biggest group of students with commerce ties their knot to hunt for company secretary.  In current scenario by law every company whose paid capital is more than 1 crore mandatorily has to appoint a designated company secretary to handle the company affairs. The CS are kind of in-house lawyer who looks out day to day legal affairs of the company along with organizing board meeting, following up on the meeting, issuing notices to the directors and as par assignment. Besides this by law if company accommodate more than 20 employees various laws such as Labor Law, Factory Law, and Gratuity Act are applicable and CS has to deal with all these issues. There is a 3 layered syllabus indigenously designed by Institute of company secretaries of India.

Cost and Work Accountant:

This is a nonconventional and new position that has been introduced against the traditional CA and CS. In a bid to withstand the current competitive scenario a business house needs to be very aware of all recurring business cost by all means. They have to spend their capital wisely to gain maximum profit. It has equivalent 3 layered syllabi like CA & CS qualifying which one could become cost and work accountant. He would be working as an executive officer of the company who has to use technical alertness while spending the capital of the company. Surprisingly their position changes according to the department. For example, in Sale and Purchase Department they may give direction on buying decision or prepare quotation where as in marketing division they carry out the responsibility of risk manager and its mitigation.


It won’t be erroneous to say that coming few years belongs to those who possess intense wish for banking jobs. By estimation, almost 1 lacs banking jobs are opening the gates for new entrance. If you are contemplating to move your legs toward banking sector after 12th then apply for clerk level jobs. Though some banks are asking graduation for clerk level too but certainly some options are available to go for. The most lured post in banking is a Probationary officer. To grab it finish your degree in commerce and design the strategic planning to crack PO exam. Keep your mind open and regularly keep yourself updated about vacancies of banks published in employment news and banking websites.


To be a Law graduate could be a dream destination for many after having commerce in higher secondary. Nowadays the lawyers are not only limited up to the precincts of court wall but they are getting recruited in big corporate houses, law firms, litigation and various administrative services as well. After Finishing 12th followed by degree one can go for 3 years LLB or can opt directly for 5 years B.A. LL.B  law integrated program to give a new direction to your career. Initially law courses used to contain only B.A. LL.B syllabus but recognizing changing trends new syllabi introduced such as for business management BBA. LL.B course applicable, for science graduate BSc. LL.B and for commerce alumni, B.Com LL.B has been declared. If you intend to have admission in prominent law colleges in India then one has to clear CLAT i.e. Common Law Admission Test.

Business Management:

The uprising Indian economy has given a new identity to corporate sector where on other hand new opportunities start to flourish for business managers. For the division of business like marketing, finance, HR needs professional expertise and only management courses can offer such required skills. This gives lucrative break into Management courses to commerce students.  You can invade into the management world after finishing 10+2 commerce followed by 3 years graduation. Though the name of management syllabus can be varied by alteration of universities but the course content is almost common. For example, sometimes it is called BBA i.e. Bachelor of Business Administration or BBM i.e. Bachelor in Business Management. In Delhi University it is called BBS i.e. Bachelor in Business Studies.

In last decade tremendous changes shake up the education sector creating some fluctuation in commerce education too. Initially, industries used to recruit first then train them but now they prefer to go for industry ready skilled professional. Understanding the changing global trends government decided to liberalize the Indian commerce education and designing it to cope up with current challenges. A new commerce education leans toward having huge practical knowledge as per specialization and the prominent institution has opened their gate for the student to equip them with the best commerce knowledge and let them find their right place in industrial, financial and service sector.

Career Change & Psychology

Switching jobs from one to another is now becoming a common trend. We frequently hear news from our neighborhood or relatives that X was doing the job in Y Company, now he is in Z Company or doing his own business. Past year’s  dogma of once you stick to a job you supposed to leave or resign it only after 30 to 40 years later or at the time of retirement. This trend is vanishing and there are many reasons behind that.

To choose career, stick to it, enjoy it, and do whatever you want to and suddenly one day change the direction of your career. These are the significantly present visual steps in a person’s career. Well, in India there are some orthodoxy ways to choose career such that a son of lawyer must become a lawyer, a business man’s son must carry responsibility of company on his shoulder and the one intellectual who always carve his name in top five children of class always get asked by friend and relatives if he is becoming “Doctor” or “Engineer”? When an individual performs well in competitive exams, he himself tries hard to find best suitable career option available to him. In the current scenario, the number of parents who help to choose their children’s career on basis of their interest, preferences, capacity and behavior are increasing. In a bid to accompany mentioned traits many aspirants are widely using aptitude test and career counseling. Significantly parents are showing more interest in helping their children to know about various career options available and ways to opt them. Interacting with a successful individual of particular career seems to be an added advantage for deciding better career prospective.

In spite of all these exercises, on occasions, you don’t like the career path you choose then only one option stood in front of you and that is to Change the Career. Many time undermining your own interests because of the pressure from parents or sometimes because of your own mistake leads to taking this devastating decision which ultimately results in chaos. Take the example of the one who has become doctor turn toward the business of share market or an engineer began his own travel firm to fulfill his dream of the circumnavigating the world with his own company.

The decision of career taken in a premature stage of academic life is certainly not perfect but only after reaching the stage of due maturity endow us the good sense of career choice. Whatever education we had acquired up to this stage one may think for rather directly going for a job or why not have some supplementary courses for extra advantages. For example after completing B.Com one might go Tally or film direction or film creation where first choice is related with degree and latter two are not. Sometimes business or jobs having too much stress creates aversion toward it. We get fed up with existing competition or working under others canopy may hurt our pride and we decide to begin our own venture and this too is a type of career change.

With the increasing age and maturity, our thoughts get more deepen and we become more introspective. There are some interesting personnel who sometimes entertain the thought that the journey of my life up to this point was for my personal development and now I have some responsibilities toward society and for the same reason, they relieve themselves from existing jobs. Those who were enjoying and fulfilling the need of their families for so many days instantly found rushing toward internal development. Leaving their regular career behind they strive to acquire more knowledge to give benefits to others especially those who are in their fifties show these signs.

Now a change in career is not always voluntary as some might start to find new jobs when they loose first or a house wife may look for the job due to financial problem and some needs job after retirement. Transfers, a sudden change in working profile or increase in responsibilities due to promotion are some example of an indirect career change and are not under our control. In this disturbing situation, the only way is to compromise and align ourselves with the situation.

While confronting career changes we pass through various psychological agitations even if that change is voluntary. One must prepare his mind for a career change in an anticipatory way and while actually going through change must strive to maintain positive mental condition for better results only then we can be capable of accepting changes. One must nurture good expectation from new career, carry positive feeling in mind and assert your mind that these changes are for good and accepting them we have to give our best then it goes easy for us to occupy a new place with the free mind. New responsibilities can be easily carried out if we give meaning to it with full confidence and sometimes to assimilate in the new environment we have to make some changes in ourselves. Consistency and dedication in endeavor help us to establish in a new career. Contrary to this if our point of view is negative then adjustment with the new job won’t be our cup of tea. Mind creates hesitation and unwillingness toward that particular career and it doesn’t accept changes. “I have made the grave mistake by changing career” this types of thoughts start to revolve around your mind and you regret your decision again and again.

What was your experience in the previous job, how established you were or your capacity to accept new responsibility and inspiration for work these entire things could be helpful in beginning a new career. Moreover, if you get supporters or say mentor at new job or business then it becomes easy to assimilate there. If your family is supportive and understand circumstances behind the career change then its added advantage.

In this world of a fraction, an attempt to accumulate wealth and materialistic possession like house, car and other things may ask for a quick buck so it leads to the search of that career which has the potential to provide money in minimum time period. We must understand that sometimes changes may decipher ourselves into lazy or the uninterested person and could kill enthusiasm as well. If you want to be inspired all the time about your job looks for what, lure you most. It might practically not possible to get what you exactly expect and sometimes need to try hand what you don’t like. You have to make an attempt to minimize strain on your mind with confidence that I’m doing what is in my welfare. It could blow a new spirit in you. Lastly to say that career doesn’t end with one but until the last breath if you are determined to have one.

If you Believe, it is so.

It is a fact that most of us who are in mental prison have a poor self-concept of ourselves. This poor self-concept has caused us making unwise choices. All those who do not feel positive about themselves will make unwise choices. The beginning of making a sense out of our lives is to see ourselves as useful human beings. If we are not able to comprehend our value as individuals, we will not be motivated to alter our lives for the better.

How do we change reality and transform our lives? Whether we are destined to be what we are or whether we are capable of transforming our lives is a million-dollar question. We don’t have the time of luxury to consider ourselves incapable of becoming what we are capable of. If we look around there are many who have made big shifts in their lives. We need not waste time thinking that we can’t transform our lives too. The first step in transforming ourselves is to believe that change is possible. There is no power holding us back.

We can discover a meaning in our lives. It is simple self-discovery. For example, many of my friends have given up alcohol and tobacco. Many have given up telling lies and manipulating situations simply because they don’t work in the long run. Many have switched over to a Spartan life realizing that the glitter does not last very long. The reason the movie “Lago Raho Munnabhai” has appealed to many including Politicians, is because of the Gandhism or Gandhigiri behind it. It is resurrecting the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi slowly forgotten by many in the midst of an avalanche of materialism.

Life is not going to turn our exactly the way we have planned. Life can be really a strange experience. Some experiences will take us to the mountain top and others will take us to the depths of despair. On the way, while living the life we are going to meet some people who are angels and others who are demons. Remember, that the span of life is short and so why not be happy right now, instead of postponing it to a future date?

The present moment is a tiny piece of the puzzle. All of us change for the better. If the experience we are having right now is not flexible, we may develop attitudes that limit our understanding and enjoyment of life. If we are intolerant, short-tempered and impulsive, we may cultivate very few friends. The meaning of life is based totally n our own perceptions. We cannot grow if we are stagnant. When we only react and not proact, our lives won’t change and will remain in the rut.

Our lives are like movies already planned out. Other people have convinced us that we are great, average, stupid, ugly, attractive, smart or dumb. To live a more meaningful life, we must break out of ranks and construct or map out our own path. For example, I have a neighbor who says, “I have refused my own promotion because I don’t want to be posted at a distant place.” So, he remains in the same rut. Another neighbor says, “I have taken voluntary retirement and I do not want to work now.” This man hardly lived for 3 years and passed away because of boredom and disillusionment.

Elizabeth Barett Browning said, “The secret of successful living consists in taking time to live. Life is an ART. To be successful you must know to discriminate between the real and imitation. What frightens me is that men are content with what is not life at all.” Modern times have made us superficial and incapable of appreciating the deeper and subtle values of life. The hasty, hectic, hurry of ours has left eh average man bewildered and out of breath.

Once a group of Boy Scouts hiking in the countryside found to their delight a stretch of unused rail-road track. Each scout tried his skill in walking on the rails. Most of them balanced for sometime but failed to continue. But two boys stood opposite each other on the rail, each extending a hand to the other. They balanced without faltering as they walked briskly along the tracks. The lesson is that when we extend a hand to another person, we shall walk more steadily along the road of life.
Winning is not receiving a trophy or standing on the victory stand and the Crowd applauding. Winning is a personal matter. It is you as an individual setting a goal and achieving it. That goal could e supporting a happy, healthy family or funding a homeless shelter or making other people literate. In fact, winning is reaching the destination you choose. In fact, there is no Profit in winning, if you lose your soul, the ability to love or lose the urge to improve a situation.

Discover Yourself..

What we need most in this life is for someone to tell us the truth. And truth is that very few situations are going to come into our lives that we don’t cause to happen. This is the most important concept of life, which many don’t understand.

Every day becomes a puzzle if we are going to wait for a certain person to call, wait for that overdue promotion, wait for the ripe time to write the book, waiting to lose weight or for circumstances to get better. It is never going to happen and it will remain a mere dream.

For example, if you want to be with someone at this moment, do you wait or take some action? If you want more money right now, are you going to wait or take some action? Well, the action is the key. We get what we want when we believe that taking action is what make things, happen. We may intend many things but without action, they remain as intentions.

Do we wait for fate or God to make things happen or we make our own dreams to become true? Success, money, excitement, adventure, and achievement are not going to come without action. Our own action will bring the rewards we hoped to receive. It takes persistence and diligence to continue taking action in life and not give it up at any stage. If one can hang around a while longer, there is usually light around to corner and our degree of diligence actually makes us who we are.

If we push on, no matter how bad life may seem, something will happen magically. There is no mysticism, magic or illogical occurrence in life. It is always cause and effect.

It is utterly easy to live an average life. Life is a really demanding experience. If life is not demanding, the chances are that we may not be living a full life.

For example, there was a person I know with a literary bend of mind, who wanted to write a book. He was talking about it, wrote a few pages but seemed to be waiting for the right inspiration. He was waiting for the muse to come over and assist him but muse never came and he never wrote a book. As time passed, it became more and more difficult to write words, make chapters and complete a book.

All of us, have dreams that did not come true, because we wanted for the right time, the perfect moment, the divine inspiration, the perfect words to say, or the unattainable target we set for ourselves. Then it becomes too late to pursue the goals, because either they were never set or were set late for implementation.

There is no perfect moment in life. The time is now. Those we wait in life to make them happy are going to be disappointed. We never asked God to bring us to this planet; it just happened. We had no choice of the family where we were to be born. We had no choice of parents who could shape us the way we wanted.

There were many negatives, which have put us down. It was up to us to assume an active role and start discovering ourselves.

No matter where we are born, the person that we become, will be determined by us alone, overcoming all shortcomings and limitations. We don’t have to accept that the life we are living now, as the only life possible. We had and have the power to shape our lives.

The possibilities within us are absolutely endless and limitless. We don’t exploit them to see the true miracles that we really are. We let circumstances and emotions to control us. Remember that we go through the present life only once. We just happen to be living at this point of history but to make a life out of life is in our hands. Focus on the real self that is hidden within. Remember that circumstances and setbacks are not going to decide our fate.

We should decide it ourselves. Remember again that, we are creating this life moment to moment. If we want to make some changes, do it now. It is up to us. The saying is “if it is what it should be, it is up to me.”

We do not have the time or luxury to consider ourselves incapable of becoming the people we are capable of being.
Obviously, we can change, achieve and reach unimaginable heights. We don’t have to waste time thinking that we can’t transform our lives. We must move on and not stand stuck where were. there is no mysterious power holding us back. Only we are holding ourselves to stand where we are now. It is always a journey of self-discovery. So go ahead and discover yourself!

Unleash your Mental Lock-up

Most people who erect a mental prison have a poor concept about themselves. This poor self-concept forces them to make unwise choices. Those who do not feel positive about themselves will obviously make unwise choices. When we hold ourselves back by being unkind to ourselves, we lock ourselves in a sort of mental prison.

There was a person who was not good looking and he felt guilty all the time although he was not responsible for his looks. When he came to the stage of marriage, he thought that a good looking girl would cause problems for him when others would focus their attention on her. So he chose an ugly looking girl, who ultimately turned out to be a goldmine. Thie girl was loyal, attached, obedient and devoted to the family, which was a sheer stroke of luck. His unwise choice turned out to be the best choice.

The beginning of making some sense out of life is for us to see ourselves as unique and significant human beings without a duplicate. If we are not able to comprehend as valuable individuals, we will not be motivated to alter our lives for the better. For example, a person may not be educated but he may have robust common sense. A friend of mine once said, “I make most of my decisions on intuitions and common sense, using the experience I have as background. After all, all laws, rules, procedures and processes are based on pure common sense. For example, when we should pay attention to the growing child and mould him with integrity, character and self-discipline that would pay dividends when he grows up, it is one of the neglected child would keep the parents permanently engaged in solving problems created by him”. We should believe that the world is changing and we should also change to adapt ourselves to the circumstances. For example, if inflation is rising and our income is limited, we have to augment the income by doing something extra. There is o rule that we should remain as we are permanently and forever. When we start doing new things, we feel more confident and reap more satisfaction in our own estimation.

The best way to test oneself whether we are happy or not is to measure our satisfaction while leading our lives. If we are struggling all the time, if we are invaded by undesirable thoughts, if we are disappointed or disillusioned all the time, then we must take some positive steps to stabilise ourselves. In fact, we can overcome whatever is holding us back, by doing some soul searching, which will lead to self-discovery.

Wally Amos, the American writer writes, “When things are not to your liking, like them as they are. When we are dissatisfied, depressed and discontented, be sure that circumstances are not the cause but we are standing in our own way. We must be in harmony with whatever happens in our lives if we wish to advance. Everything that comes to us is a gift, a stepping stone to reach or ideal. If we don’t exploit those occasions and opportunities, then the weakness lies with us requiring rectification and modification.

Life is not a movie with characters acting the roles depicted in the script. It does not take very long to realise that no one can take up arms to fight our battles for us. It is while fighting our battles that we develop our true personalities, removing the mask and all the makeup, which are all artificial. It is the challenge, crisis and catastrophes that reveal our strength and weaknesses. Remember, that it is when we realise and believe that we really have power that we begin really to live. It is very critical that we understand that, if we do not change our behaviour as we grow up, we will become adults who are mean, narrow-minded, standoffish and depressed. We know also that if we don’t change, we basically remain the same person. In the bargain, instead of creating an exciting life of our own, we let life create us. Therefore, the great secret of living is to realise that we are in control.
Awareness makes us all stronger. The more we know and understand, the more aware we are. Awareness compels us to take steps to win the battle of life whenever it occurs. The saying is, “Losers let it happen. Winners make it happen”. Two critical capabilities we should cultivate are the ability to live with uncertainty and the ability to delay immediate gratification in favour of long-range goals. The greatest achievement in life is to plan and act and take the risk that will ultimately make us independent. When we have this knowledge about ourselves we are aware, awake and do what is right. The impossible is what nobody can do until somebody does it.

TGL Iyer