If you Believe, it is so.

It is a fact that most of us who are in mental prison have a poor self-concept of ourselves. This poor self-concept has caused us making unwise choices. All those who do not feel positive about themselves will make unwise choices. The beginning of making a sense out of our lives is to see ourselves as useful human beings. If we are not able to comprehend our value as individuals, we will not be motivated to alter our lives for the better.

How do we change reality and transform our lives? Whether we are destined to be what we are or whether we are capable of transforming our lives is a million-dollar question. We don’t have the time of luxury to consider ourselves incapable of becoming what we are capable of. If we look around there are many who have made big shifts in their lives. We need not waste time thinking that we can’t transform our lives too. The first step in transforming ourselves is to believe that change is possible. There is no power holding us back.

We can discover a meaning in our lives. It is simple self-discovery. For example, many of my friends have given up alcohol and tobacco. Many have given up telling lies and manipulating situations simply because they don’t work in the long run. Many have switched over to a Spartan life realizing that the glitter does not last very long. The reason the movie “Lago Raho Munnabhai” has appealed to many including Politicians, is because of the Gandhism or Gandhigiri behind it. It is resurrecting the ideals of Mahatma Gandhi slowly forgotten by many in the midst of an avalanche of materialism.

Life is not going to turn our exactly the way we have planned. Life can be really a strange experience. Some experiences will take us to the mountain top and others will take us to the depths of despair. On the way, while living the life we are going to meet some people who are angels and others who are demons. Remember, that the span of life is short and so why not be happy right now, instead of postponing it to a future date?

The present moment is a tiny piece of the puzzle. All of us change for the better. If the experience we are having right now is not flexible, we may develop attitudes that limit our understanding and enjoyment of life. If we are intolerant, short-tempered and impulsive, we may cultivate very few friends. The meaning of life is based totally n our own perceptions. We cannot grow if we are stagnant. When we only react and not proact, our lives won’t change and will remain in the rut.

Our lives are like movies already planned out. Other people have convinced us that we are great, average, stupid, ugly, attractive, smart or dumb. To live a more meaningful life, we must break out of ranks and construct or map out our own path. For example, I have a neighbor who says, “I have refused my own promotion because I don’t want to be posted at a distant place.” So, he remains in the same rut. Another neighbor says, “I have taken voluntary retirement and I do not want to work now.” This man hardly lived for 3 years and passed away because of boredom and disillusionment.

Elizabeth Barett Browning said, “The secret of successful living consists in taking time to live. Life is an ART. To be successful you must know to discriminate between the real and imitation. What frightens me is that men are content with what is not life at all.” Modern times have made us superficial and incapable of appreciating the deeper and subtle values of life. The hasty, hectic, hurry of ours has left eh average man bewildered and out of breath.

Once a group of Boy Scouts hiking in the countryside found to their delight a stretch of unused rail-road track. Each scout tried his skill in walking on the rails. Most of them balanced for sometime but failed to continue. But two boys stood opposite each other on the rail, each extending a hand to the other. They balanced without faltering as they walked briskly along the tracks. The lesson is that when we extend a hand to another person, we shall walk more steadily along the road of life.
Winning is not receiving a trophy or standing on the victory stand and the Crowd applauding. Winning is a personal matter. It is you as an individual setting a goal and achieving it. That goal could e supporting a happy, healthy family or funding a homeless shelter or making other people literate. In fact, winning is reaching the destination you choose. In fact, there is no Profit in winning, if you lose your soul, the ability to love or lose the urge to improve a situation.


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