Discover Yourself..

What we need most in this life is for someone to tell us the truth. And truth is that very few situations are going to come into our lives that we don’t cause to happen. This is the most important concept of life, which many don’t understand.

Every day becomes a puzzle if we are going to wait for a certain person to call, wait for that overdue promotion, wait for the ripe time to write the book, waiting to lose weight or for circumstances to get better. It is never going to happen and it will remain a mere dream.

For example, if you want to be with someone at this moment, do you wait or take some action? If you want more money right now, are you going to wait or take some action? Well, the action is the key. We get what we want when we believe that taking action is what make things, happen. We may intend many things but without action, they remain as intentions.

Do we wait for fate or God to make things happen or we make our own dreams to become true? Success, money, excitement, adventure, and achievement are not going to come without action. Our own action will bring the rewards we hoped to receive. It takes persistence and diligence to continue taking action in life and not give it up at any stage. If one can hang around a while longer, there is usually light around to corner and our degree of diligence actually makes us who we are.

If we push on, no matter how bad life may seem, something will happen magically. There is no mysticism, magic or illogical occurrence in life. It is always cause and effect.

It is utterly easy to live an average life. Life is a really demanding experience. If life is not demanding, the chances are that we may not be living a full life.

For example, there was a person I know with a literary bend of mind, who wanted to write a book. He was talking about it, wrote a few pages but seemed to be waiting for the right inspiration. He was waiting for the muse to come over and assist him but muse never came and he never wrote a book. As time passed, it became more and more difficult to write words, make chapters and complete a book.

All of us, have dreams that did not come true, because we wanted for the right time, the perfect moment, the divine inspiration, the perfect words to say, or the unattainable target we set for ourselves. Then it becomes too late to pursue the goals, because either they were never set or were set late for implementation.

There is no perfect moment in life. The time is now. Those we wait in life to make them happy are going to be disappointed. We never asked God to bring us to this planet; it just happened. We had no choice of the family where we were to be born. We had no choice of parents who could shape us the way we wanted.

There were many negatives, which have put us down. It was up to us to assume an active role and start discovering ourselves.

No matter where we are born, the person that we become, will be determined by us alone, overcoming all shortcomings and limitations. We don’t have to accept that the life we are living now, as the only life possible. We had and have the power to shape our lives.

The possibilities within us are absolutely endless and limitless. We don’t exploit them to see the true miracles that we really are. We let circumstances and emotions to control us. Remember that we go through the present life only once. We just happen to be living at this point of history but to make a life out of life is in our hands. Focus on the real self that is hidden within. Remember that circumstances and setbacks are not going to decide our fate.

We should decide it ourselves. Remember again that, we are creating this life moment to moment. If we want to make some changes, do it now. It is up to us. The saying is “if it is what it should be, it is up to me.”

We do not have the time or luxury to consider ourselves incapable of becoming the people we are capable of being.
Obviously, we can change, achieve and reach unimaginable heights. We don’t have to waste time thinking that we can’t transform our lives. We must move on and not stand stuck where were. there is no mysterious power holding us back. Only we are holding ourselves to stand where we are now. It is always a journey of self-discovery. So go ahead and discover yourself!


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