Fundamentals of Placement

One of most crucial aspect for all Technical and Management institutions is to give emphasize on an alluring  prospective student with a  big fat promise of Placements into renowned & reputed companies. Seriously declining percentage of the student into technical establishment has increased heat in a stream of competition among them. Placement is that key which can help an institution to improve rating in corresponding universities, hold high retention and rate of achievements. Graduate Employment Program ultimately enhances credibility, the reputation of corresponding institution garnering high credential. It also improves the power of attracting students toward respective colleges in such a turbulent employment crisis.  Students, Institutions & Employer are vital entities in the overall process of Placements. In a current uncompromising scenario of competition, some unique and stringent ideas need to apply accompanied by some standard mechanism to accumulate true meaning of Campus Placement.

Following points will give an elaborate view to institutions about fundamentals of Placements.

  1. Designated Placement Cell

Those institutes who want to prove their credential in student circle must possess a dedicated placement cell embodied with exuberant & motivated placement official which understand the demand of industries and carve student accordingly. A placement cell must expedite placement procedure and take care enough that every deserving candidate gets the opportunity of employment. Institutes must understand their capabilities while making the promise of 100% placements as it might directly hurt reputation if failed to do so.

  1. Assessment

Before leveling student to confront industry personnel first level student assessment is indispensable to receive wholesome output. Pre-placement assessment can sort of best suitable candidate who can perform better and their chances of getting recruited increases. Prospective Jobs seeking students should be assessed by the rule of ABCD i.e. A for Aptitude, B for Behavioral Interview Skills, C for Communication and D for Domain Knowledge. With this ABCD Rule, the supplementary test should be conducted to check their Spoken English Skill with respective Reading, Writing, and Speaking. Students who lag behind in assessment can be processed through training program recognizing their inadequacy & imbibing what they are lacking.

  1. Technical Competencies

In the current scenario, companies give first priorities to students who have gone through technical training in their respective fields. Nowadays companies hesitate to spend a huge amount of money and time on training procedure so individual who are fully competent with knowledge of their technical fields are always welcome. Work experience in form of Internship is offered by many companies which might be paid or unpaid but gives tentative practical & technical knowledge.

  1. Soft Skill Training

It includes each and every aspect required to survive in corporate culture such as Time Management, Communication & Interpersonal Skills, Leadership, Problem Solving, Collaboration Group Discussion etc.  Employer’s intention is to pick up those individuals who are ethical, honest and capable of working under pressure without loosing temptation. These skills directly affect how person talk, how person move & how they present themselves subsequently affecting corporate performance. Most important soft skill in recent trend is Social Intelligence which compromises the way we behave with respective what we experience from others. It is going to be leading key to distinguishing an able candidate from others.

  1. Strong Networking

Almost 75% of jobs never get advertised so to grab them Corporate Networking is an exclusive way. To evaluate high-quality placement a recruitment cell needs a vast and dedicated network of attached corporate houses & Industries. It’s not only being friendly or acquaintance but it requisite to establish a constructive relationship with locally or Regional based Industries which not only help in placements but collaborative business association could be formed with them for extra income generation. Enhancing positive contact with the prospective employer maintaining mutual corporate alliance may attract further placement whenever there is a vacancy.

  1. Curriculum Vitae

It’s a segregated form of all academic qualification of the candidate on a piece of paper which must catch the attention of employer at very the first view. There are mainly two types of CVs, Chronological Resume & Functional Resume out of which later one is mostly used for first-time job seekers. A resume should be specific mentioning all important academic information. It is strongly recommended to have CVs, not more than two pages as a recruiter does not have too much time for detail one.

  1. Additional Resources

No matter how hard & diligently placement cell work, extra resources such as Job Aggregator, International Recruitment Agencies, or Prominent job portals certainly act as glitter on gold. By a report, almost 48% of jobs application passes through these resources which assure to corporate houses or companies to accord vacancies with ideal, skillful & competent candidates.  A healthy relationship with them evidently gets paid off in forms of placements. Alumni Association of respective colleges conglomerating previous students who have been placed in various companies can give a novice insight & links to corresponding corporate.

One of a prominent educational group of central India has shown exponential growth of 42% in their placements records of 2015-16 comparing to the year 2014-15 invariably adhering to above-mentioned fundamentals and focusing on the top sector such as IT, Core Engineering Companies, Financial Companies, FMCG Sector & Infrastructure. A significant blueprint has to be prepared in order to motivate students to participate in the placement process. Good dispersal and distribution of recruitment provision of placement cell can be conveyed to students through academic events & training forum. Irrespective of placements cell, students too gather all inevitable data & information needed to enroll in the process. It will mutually help students & institutions for stepping up toward brighter future.


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