Manners & Etiquette

“Manners are like the shadows of virtues, they are the momentary display of those qualities which our fellow creature love & respect”


Since the day humans left their abode in the jungle and form colonies & fraternities and become social animal that day mark beginning of civilized society in the history of mankind. Interpersonal communication with another member of society becomes inevitable part which leads to lay the foundation of the standard code of conduct which ultimately deciphered into the Social Manners & Etiquettes.

  What are Manners & Etiquette?

In a combined term, Manners & Etiquette are the human attributions associated with the emotional quotient which deals with the best possible behavior in interpersonal communication & bilateral or multilateral relationships. Whenever two persons meet each other may it be for business purpose or for a friendly chat a standard code of conduct should have to be followed which will put forward a display of astute responsive behavior. Manners & etiquette varies according to time, place, people & position.

Bifurcation of Manners & Etiquette:


It is an inbuilt natural way of conduct or response to various situations confronted which have to be presumed in the passage of the lifetime. For example, showing respect to elders & welcoming others with a smile, falls into the category of Manners. It remains uniform irrespective of person, position or geography.


The etiquettes are the established code of behavior to a particular event or situation confronted, which are learned by practice. For example, keeping silence in library & shaking hands while getting introduced to someone falls into the category of Etiquette.  It may change by a person, position or geography.

Necessity of Social Manners & Etiquette:

Most of the business dealings are broke on the basis of effective communication & person responsible will be rated best in his respective field. Those who failed will be wiped out in the stream of fierce competition. There are always scope & place for best & those who fail to align with the highest point of efficiency may get discarded at some point. Giving courtesy cost us nothing but it’s priceless. Possessing good behavior has its advantages everywhere & is an inevitable aspect of social success. Manners & Etiquette are purely a matter of one’s behavior and are not related to gain or loss. A person may behold best of his humble manners in a period of gain simultaneously he sticks to his gentleness in a situation of catastrophe.

Drawbacks of lacking Manners & Etiquette:

The most serious effect of the lack of etiquette is on the personality of the person who has its deficiency. He may be attractive, handsome or well-dressed but one act of inappropriate behavior which could raise others eyebrows may shatter very impression he is trying to make. The persons who created absurd act because of the lack of Etiquettes are apt to leave behind in cultural advancement that may do provide material benefits. Good manners & impatience can’t go hand in hand. The care and anxieties of ups & downs of life come fairly and evenly to all. Only the ill-mannered person may go hysterical at every step and create a calamity at every turn and shatters his life. Total involvement of one in oneself is the main hurdle that impedes a man’s development in any sphere.

General Application:

A person is said to be in command of a diverse situation if and when he is conversant with all the varieties of etiquette. Good Manners & Etiquette are entangled with each other and can’t be distinguished. There are bedroom manners, drawing room manners, manners in school, home & outside, actually, manners are everywhere. The virtue of etiquette lies in self-control and exercised which has to be initiated in early life. A cultivated man knows the etiquette of welcoming & entertaining people. He speaks with the friend in one tone, with a relative in other & yet another while speaking to superior and still benevolent with inferiors. There are etiquettes for parties, for games, for ceremonies, for corporate behavior and for every aspect. If a man is a good socializer he learns the art of living by himself having tendencies & inclination in hand and under discipline, is what lends him his maximum social credibility and acceptance.



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