Kitchen Careers

There is a moment in process of education when everyone decides about their career objective and chooses the path accordingly. Like many other challenging and creative options, a career in the kitchen as a chef or subsequent profiles has a wider approach. A career in Kitchen is bit different in comparing to other as it may evolve due to a hobby or you may personally like it, indeed it is like craze which you have to nurture and decipher it into the career.

Some like to try the hand in making amazing food items and most of them like to taste it. Everyone has unique attribution of tastes. Initially, the kitchen used to be the battle-field of women’s only but not anymore because men too have turned their legs toward Kitchen, hence the career in Kitchen is open to all male & female who are enthusiastic, passionate and most interestingly they like to innovate food. While choosing any career one must think about financial stability in the same. A career in kitchen certainly has monetary stability & rate of employment generation is also recognizable.

One must understand while taking admission for catering course that it has various branches like Indian, Continental, Chinese, Pastry, chocolate to which you can opt for. So if anyone has a specific taste then it would be convenient to go for it. Indian cooking classes cover various traditional state cuisines along with indigenous methods. Indian food bears huge demand in foreign countries which ultimately pushes demand for Indian chefs improving viability in Kitchen Career. In Continental courses, the student gets to know about an array of European, American and Australian traditional cuisines along with the skill of presentation simultaneously they may get recruited in varied continental restaurants in India.

Well, in the case of Chinese food experts we don’t need to worry as Chinese food has a huge demand in every corner of world paving the way for good career opportunities. Pastry and Chocolates are most favored food material in all age groups may it be engineer or class one officer or college teen everyone likes to lick the dripping chocolate from sides of cake and pastries. It might be birthday or marriage anniversary or official function, bakery products are always in huge demands. The student learns to know intricacies while preparing baked product especially female student are more accurate while doing fine designs on bakery products which gives them appreciation from family and friends when they present their skill before them. This skill may put them in baking Products Company. These are jobs particularly limits up to the kitchen now let’s have to look some extra kitchen management jobs.

Food Stylist:

The person who is responsible for extraordinary look and garnishing of food in hotels and for advertisement purpose is called food stylist. As presentation has immense important specially trained personnel deployed for this purpose.

Food Critics:

We read many food articles, recipes or food review on various food in magazine and newspaper also have importance as may attract customer to taste that food in the particular hotel. To write or comment about food one has to be the finest connoisseur.

Food Photographer:

There are many photographers but how many of them you knew as Food Photographer? It requires a very sense of imagination to capture the indigenous theme of that particular food. Suppose you have to capture an ice-cream in the frame but you don’t have enough time to capture it at various angles as it will start to melt in extreme lighting. Knowledge of Kitchen may be helpful here. Various big advertising agencies have good demands for a food photographer.

Food Nutritionist:

In kitchen course what types of food is edible, what are non-edible, correct timings, quantity and another important aspect which are directly related to consumer’s health are also taught. Food nutritionist counsel people regarding nutrition issues and help to maintain a balance between health and diet. One can start personal practice with some added course.

Food Quality Controller:

Every food article and its ingredient have vital importance. In culinary courses quality maintenance is taught as taste is what actually become signature brands of hotels and restaurants. Quality control has an utmost task to behold the finest food made from high-quality ingredients and carry on uniformity in it. Moreover storing food in hygienic condition and at correct temperature, avoiding unnecessary mixture, a due period of food material etc. are also taught in quality control programs. Quality manager tracks food for taste consistency and responsible for maintaining it. One who is alert about food quality can choose this career.

While going through culinary courses you can try hands on myriad dishes you were unaware of and simultaneously you can also give the new taste or look to traditional cuisines. Choosing the best ingredient and its acute use needs great perception with a sound mind. Students learn about Knife handling techniques, Skills of frying, roasting, garnishing and all inevitable aspects regarding cooking.  After completion of courses, they can get on the job training or apprenticeship within hotels and restaurant or start your own venture with financial feasibility. Some institutions begin foundation confectionery and cooking courses at junior college level. This may help to create self-employment by taking culinary classes courses or making & selling of popular food items. Many TV channels organize food programs where you can try your luck if you have mastered the culinary arts.

Eventually, if you have passion & potential to acquire the cooking skills then you can hit the bull’s eye. We have an example of Sanjeev Kapoor, Tarla Dalal, Vikas Khanna etc. who have put the reputation of Chefs at the top notch on an international platform. Following their footstep, you too can exhibit your finest culinary skills and establish the career in it.


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