Unleashing the E-learning Storm

Remember the days when we were prone to use chalk and blackboard for studying, carrying slate with us. A decade ago or pre-digitalization era the sources of knowledge were big size heavily weighted books and distinguished faculties to whom, we always restricted ourselves to ask queries except the intelligent one.  Major Representatives of knowledge were brain & paper. As time goes on requirement arises for constructive knowledge resource which could help for expansion of knowledge more vividly. Subsequently with the emergence of new technology a new concept of study is introduced called  E-learning. Technically E-learning is a kind of learning using an electronic medium like a computer and other devices where there is access to the internet. Smartphone, tablet PCs are another gadget which can be used for   E-learning. Huge data of different courses available virtually on the internet to learn. Heavy books are converted into an e-book which we can be easily stored in these devices and accessed at any time.

Prominent and noteworthy advantages of E-learning are mentioned below:

  1. Anywhere Anytime :

Geographical barriers are completely wiped out with this concept, as we can reach to anyone in the world through video conferencing and learn what we want. No specific time or place needed to start on or start off. It provides flexibility and choice of subject as well. There is no restriction on time of learning as you can access information at any time.

  1. Multiple Resources:

Mountains of data available in a various format such as EBooks’, Journal, Data center, online tutorials etc. It can be accessed anytime and some of it can be saved for future use. Nowadays a versatile concept of Digital Libraries has been introduced in many institutions which exclusively used for the purpose of E-learning.

  1. Cost Effective:

Economically E-learning is cost effective and saves lots of money which we supposed to spend on finding and arranging resources such as infrastructure, educational materials, and others. An internet connection, few cheap PCs and a Learning Management System (LMS) is all we needed for designated e-learning program. Moreover, lots of E-books & E-journal freely or with minimum charges are available.

  1. Updated Knowledge:

One of the most astonishing significance of e-learning is the instant update of knowledge right from the resources as in traditional medium it takes the time to update. In changing scenario technology it’s important to keep employees updated with the latest knowledge that’s why companies are switching towards e-learning programs for employees to make them up to date on their skills with their own choice and flexibility.

  1. Environment-Friendly:

How come? Well, in e-learning we use a computer, tabs or smart phones which will subsequently reduce our carbon footprint by providing the best alternative to the paper-based learning system. So if most of us started to learn from screens we could save a plethora of trees which will good for the health of the environment.

  1. Global Opportunities:

Traditional classrooms got some restriction for application for technical knowledge which in the case of e-learning doesn’t exist. Resources through out world give instruction to the tools, from which we were completely unaware of in traditional classrooms. Communication gaps have been filled with video conferencing giving relief from physical travels. Moreover, in between, we get to interact with many skilled personals which ultimately boost our knowledge about the corresponding subject.

  1. Management of Knowledge:

In the traditional way of teaching, we have to note down each & everything what we have been taught otherwise there are chances of getting forgot, but e-learning has designated system and tools which help to restore everything that we are learning so that can be used in future.

By virtue of E-learning, we remain updated with the latest knowledge. The rate of retention and the grasp on information become strong as many elements are involved in learning process such as video, audio, quizzes, interaction etc. The blackboard is exchanging with a projector so we can give a live demo of the subject rather than just reading from a textbook. Nowadays E-learning is becoming more popular due to its flexibility and other feature. Different apps are helping in learning the process with interaction and engagement of learners on single platforms.

Though E-learning is beneficial, it has some drawback such as lack of human factor in knowledge      acquiring process, increased dependency on technology, continuous contact with electronic devices may have an ill effect on health etc. But if we carefully deal with these issues then undoubtedly E-learning could be the best learning method or we can say that it is the future of education.





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