‘Clicking’ The Right Career

It was not a long time ago when Photography was considered as a luxurious habit. But due to mobile revolution now everybody seems to have become photographer & simultaneously by virtue of digital revolution you can see the expert & professional photographer garlanding high definition DSLR cameras around their neck. Randomly a question may pop up in our mind that, can photography be a novice & profound option of career? Well, the answer could be yes, but before opting it as a career, understanding the fact revolving around it would be inevitable.

Frequently in many career guidance programs, some deceptive & untrue claims are made regarding photography like there is a huge scope in photography and we can sell our images to some foreign magazine and get paid for it etc. but it’s not all true. First thing is that there are not even two digit full-time professional wildlife photographers in our country. Though we can nurture this as a high profile commercial habits but it can’t be a full-time professional career. Because instrument required for wildlife photography and its maintenance is very expensive and in addition to that travel expenses, a cost of hotel stays and local help need to carry on by yourself unless you get hired by any big publisher company.

If we contemplate by general perception then wedding photography, photojournalism, fashion photography could be better options for photography career moreover teaching photography is also a good trend now days provided if you have attained eminent expertise in the same field.

Photojournalism is not as developed as it should have to be but its remuneration is recognizable if hired by some prominent publications. Thinking about industrial photography we confront to two major challenges. First, all major industries hired big advertising agencies for their product endorsement needs. Nowadays they use readymade stock images with models which have automatically minimized the need for independent photography. Stock images bank holds the pile of circumstantial photographs which can be used accordingly. We can provide these banks with a photograph they demand and required commercial structures are getting shaped in view of this. Second thing is that in industrial photography there is still demand for product photographs but to grab this opportunity you need to focus on making the business network as strong as possible.


The most promising and profit recurring class in photography is wedding photography. It was conceptualized from Europe & USA where photographers are hired by executing agreements to deal with the copyrights issues. These procedures are not common in India yet but consistently new opportunities are generating in wedding photography. In weddings, we get a chance to get connected with a huge population so we could market ourselves so that it could create new business opportunities than any other professions.

Subsequently, this is the profession of skill rather than how expensive instruments you possess. Knowledge of ideal angle and visual sense with the capability of catching the perfect shots is what actually proves your worth. You also need to understand that photography is a technical field and you know what you want to click but unaware of the technical function of cameras then everything is useless. So if you intent to gain recognition in this field, learning formal photography will be an unavoidable task. Previously printing of photos was a job of film labs but in this era of digital cameras, you have to do it by yourself so technical excellence is a must. Currently, there are some institutes which provide the best training in photography at a reasonable cost. You get to know and handle world class modern photography gadgets with better understanding which will provide you a better platform to launch your career in photography.

Whatever the profession is, consistency & perseverance is what gives you success in it, so does in photography. If you learn with passion and click with compassion you will certainly succeed.


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