Urban Campus Vs Rural Campus

After finishing higher secondary education one of most complex question arises in mind what’s next? Well, presumably parents, relatives or counselors can put an array of option in front of you but ultimately you have to decide by virtue of your interest, conscience, and consciousness. No one can tell you better than your mind what carrier might raise you on the ladder of success. After stringent contemplation, you’ll land to an acute and perhaps final conclusion of career prospects you going to opt. later on, an abundant list of the institution would glimpse in front of your eyes to choose from. Most of them would have been established in urban areas and some from rural areas. Again a question will get tossed, which campus is best Urban or Rural? When an individual is passionate and serious about studies time and places doesn’t matter but affordable institutional fees, easily accessible facilities and effective communication are some inevitable requirement can’t be neglected.

Following points will elaborate and give little push about the pros & cons of urban and rural campuses:

  • Environment:

You can’t imagine fresh air, cool breeze, chirping birds on huge trees under the shadow of which you could calm down for studies and magnificent greenery as long as you could see in urban campuses but in rural one. Away from the jungle of concrete, polluted air and irritating sounds of the horn which might distract you from concentrating on studies on contrary rural campuses are peaceful and supportive in case of studying.

  • Fees Structure:

Most important aspect while choosing an institution is its fees structure. All urban institution charged as par activities they are indulging in and of their course reputation. But comparing to rural campuses their fees structure will certainly be high. As hi-fi activities will somehow be restrictive in rural areas, they are affordable by the economic point of view.

  • Student-Faculty Association:

In the hasty schedule of urban campuses traits of the interaction of student & faculty, staff or administration seems unpliable as everybody looks buried in their own tasks. On the contrary in rural campuses, professors will not only interact with the student in their class but remain always accessible to discuss academic and social issues due to the compact size of the campus. Personal community interaction with staff and alumni give impeccable life experiences mostly ignored in urban campuses.

  • Educational Quality:

As university syllabus would be same for both campuses falling under the corresponding university, quality of education subsequently depends on upon the tenacious dedication of faculties in imparting knowledge amalgamating active and spirited participation of students. Matter of fact is that renowned institution are moving to rural areas to make education cost-effective with the help of Government scheme using their indigenous knowledge resources and somehow trying to be contemporary in term of quality of education. Urban campuses are deploying technological means such as e-learning to give a better perspective of subjects.

  • Accessible Facilities:

Facilities available would be a prime factor in comparing urban and rural campuses. As institution are sane enough to understand this trends almost all important facilities they make available on campus level such as accommodation by means of hostels, eateries , wifi for viable communication, health care and personal care. Some essential like libraries, labs, transportation, safety & security are mandatory so all these will be at rural campus too. But malls and others means of entertainment would be a matter of missing in rural one.

  • Employment Generation:

Although employment generation program is a little loose string in the whole country, according to studies, a student in rural areas can lead to better growth and employment opportunities by engaging themselves in skill development program initiated by Government in co-operation with some of the private bodies.  Accelerated industrial growths in rural areas are pushing opportunities of jobs creation ultimately benefiting students of rural areas. The special scheme for students in rural areas conducted by the Government of India can push employability with astonishing speed. In this trait, urban campuses are a step ahead drawing company’s attention for campus recruitment in their respective institutions.

Eventually, a final decision has to be made after contemplating myriad factors necessary which are mention above and others. Most institutions organize “Open House” event to give live glimpses of their campuses, participate in few of those which evidently put your task at ease.  Remember the universal law that “Everything can’t get everywhere” so without being to choosy go for what best suits you.




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